Saturday, 3 March 2018

F.D.P. - Schwizer Simmer EP 1982

Rare debut record by this Zurich based combo and present at this recordings: Stöffi (vocals), Babsi + Wuzz (guitars), Pat (bass) and Üse (drums), released on Soilant and 500 copies exist. What F.D.P. exactly means is beyond my knowledge and I find shortcuts shit. Six awesome bumpy tracks (two of them live) recorded probably direct on tape in the rehearsal room in their original rawness, I call that sensational, exact the sound I like: WOW!!, KBD at its finest. More about the band is not available except one year later a second EP was made via Gramschap called F.D.P./Draske, maybe a split but I don't know. They're on some compilations, one of them the famous Definitv Zurich album from 1986. Lümmellabel brought 1997 one more lifesign by F.D.P. in form of a five track mini CD called Der Grinsemann out. That's it for today, have fun with the music, I'm getting ready for soccer.

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