Friday, 10 November 2017

WEGSCHAUN...GOLD - An Deiner Tür 2004

Not much info about this German band from Magdeburg I think. This is herein their first release (and hopefully not the last), all self-produced and a blast! I think the CD is available with different covers, but I'm not sure....anyway. Just like V.V.L. or Ende November goes the music here into a dark melancholic direction. Ten Songs, no one under three minutes. These band can play their instruments and create with their sound a doleful gloomy and very personal atmosphere, the intro alone is very oppressive (from which movie?). And the kick of the fat guitars accompany the struggle for survival. I really have to tell this band hit me. My favorite songs: 'An Deiner Tür, Ein Lied, Trostlosigkeit'. Visit their MySpace site and leave them some nice words, they deserve it!!! And remember: Love/Life is a struggle, every day, no time to rest!!

- Extra Special Thx to iNgo -

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  1. Die Band kam aus Schönebeck unweit von Magdeburg und es ist leider ihre einzige Scheibe.