Thursday, 9 November 2017

FORGOTTEN REBELS - In Love With The System 1980

Jetzt hat mich die Grippe doch erwischt und so unglaublich heftig dass mein Hirn ausbrechen will, FUCK!!! Schwappen wir lieber über den Atlantic and visit the Forgotten Rebels, punk from Hamilton/Ontario and founded 1977. There is much info about this great band in the web so I will only quote this little anecdote: In a world and time where absolute free sex was everywhere, drunk driving was normal, sponsorship was a sellout to the system, mushrooms were legal, political correctness The Forgotten Rebels were born. After a demo tape (Burn The Flag) the bands first record release was the four track Tomorrow Belongs To Us EP on S&M Records (1979) and became a surprising success. The debut album followed 1980 with twelve awesome smasher via Star Records and solidified there position forever in the "Punk Hole Of Fame". Lots of albums and gigs were made and the Rebels are still alive. Fazit: Solid debut in thirty minutes, Superb! On indispensable compilations: Killed By Death #26 and Bloodstains Across Canada and a few more... Ich hau mich jetzt wieder ins Warme, Aloha!


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