Friday, 24 November 2017

V/A - Nema Ljubavi Bez Patnje I Bola 1992

Can't say who sent this in but it's a very nice live compilation from Take It Or Leave It Records and all this was recorded in the park of the KST Belgrade (club of technical students) in the summer of 1992, except B1 which was recorded during a costume party in the KST on 27. December 1992. Everything was recorded on simply cassette tapes and released on this album without further mastering. Quite much new bands (except KBO! and Agent 86) which I hear for the first time and an appealing mix of different styles is offered and I like the balkan sound :)) discover this for you and enter the weekend.

1.Nema Ljubavi Bez Patnje I Bola - UVOD
2.Kada Izađem - KBO!
4.Andjo, Andjelija - IMPERIUM OF JAZZ
5.Folklored, Monitored - OVERDOSE
6.Umetnik - DŽA ILU BU
7.Muzički Insert Br.1 - RAMBO AMADEUS
8.Just Say No - AGENT 86
9.Ovde, Ovde - KAZNA ZA UŠI
10.Ljubav - ATHEIST RAP
11.Kao Kada Gubiš Glavu - BOYE

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