Thursday, 23 November 2017

RAXOLA - s/t LP 1978

Fantastic debut album by Raxola, a Belgian punk band which formed 1977 by Yves Kengen, who previously played in Bastard with Brian James. They are, with The Kids and Hubble Bubble, one of the three Belgian bands to have had the opportunity to record an album from the beginning of the punk era. They split up in 1979 after their record company fired them for becoming too progressive (!) but reformed in 2003. After two 7Inches and playin' some gigs they recorded a new album 'Guts Out' and brought it out on their own in 2017. Somehow the song 'Old Rat' has been in my head for days and I was not able to find the fuckin' band... doch nun endlich ist es vollbracht und ich kann wieder schlafen.... well, not everything is shit in my head. You find them as well on relevant compilations.


  1. Thank you for this Belgian stuff.Have a nice weekend, my friend:)

  2. The band is back with another reunion, still around the original band leader Yke. Check for news.