Friday, 17 November 2017

THE CROWDS - Sieger Sind Die Helden 1986

The Crowds is a damn cool punk band from Munich and they kickin' since the wild 80's in Munich - but strangely, they always led a largely unnoticed shadow existence. I first took notice of them via a compilation called Kulturschock Attacke #2. Punkrock gems such as their debut single 'Lügner' and this great mini album were, if anything, only perceived by some music insiders or punks to know and appreciate. And strangely enough, in Germany, very few people know the mega-punk hit 'Little Big Horn', what a shame! Sieger Sind Die Helden (one of my favorite D-Punk slabs, Riot Records) is peppered with eight fantastic tracks, hard and with provocative lyrics as I like it. No leaf is taken in front of the mouth and everything else would have been a disappointment, fat 100% production and they, probably with Razzia, one of the first bands which used a keyboard, absolute brilliant sound. B.T.W., this awsome record is meanwhile reissued with bonus material. This is my fresh rip from yesterday... in this sense.

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  1. fantastisch !!! hey dude thanx very much ,they are excellent,first time i listen to this album and i love it,love the keyboards-i have absolulty nothing against keyboards/synth/organ.. ,i think they give a touch of class,hahaha like early Stranglers ,Screamers,Tsol (beneath...),Hypnotics(The expandables lp) ,Murder city devils,the Ralphs(zeros lp)(check this album at the mighty "DEATHBURGER" blog,-by the way i don't speak a fuckin word in german,but who cares .Strong language , it goes so well with punk.. Remember back in the eighties,listening Daily terror ,Slime and my all time favoutite band Die toten hosen and thinking deutsch and punk went so fine together ,well to be honest i love the germans since i fell in love with a girl from Bochum a summer on the Catalan coast long time ago... thanx for the great blog anyway schusssssssssssss