Thursday, 16 November 2017

OHEISVASARA - Vasaranmerkki EP 1998

Another finnish hardcore band I bring in your house is this eight killer attack EP! Founded in the late 90s in Helsinki by Une (vocals), Mariska (vocals), Janne (guitar), Uosu (bass) & Pete (drums), they have previously published a couple of split EP's and in September 1998 they recorded their "first" EP and is released via the belgian label Prejudice Production in a limited edition in fat blood-red vinyl (so my copy). Full wild, rough, fast sound and the energetic female/male vocals gives the songs a delicious listening experience (I speak only for myself you know, haha..), comparisons for example with the Danish punx Paragraf 119 lie close. OK! enough babble. Get this lolly quick and Finnish HC rules!

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