Sunday, 26 November 2017

P.V.P. - Miedo 1982

Miedo (Fear) is the first album by this Madrid based four piece called PVP (founded 1980) and the album was released in summer 1982 by Belter Records. They made four albums which are nowadays most appreciated and sought. After releasing the fourth album in 1987 the band  disappeared. They were often called "the Clash of Madrid". They never achieved great commercial success, but they did achieve prestige among the public and the specialized press. Twelve solid rockin' numbers and the last one today, I'm fuckin' hungry & tired, a little headache and the rest of the weekend is only chilling. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. El coche de la plas, i think is the first ska punk song from spain... Thanks and great blog:)

  2. Thanks a lot for this new Spanish post.Have a nice November's ending. Cheers!