Monday, 27 November 2017

NOICE - Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid 1980

By such many requests that blow my mailbox now for all you junkies the 2nd album by the swedish pop-punker Noice from Gustavsberg. At first compare this with their debut album from 1979 called Tonårsdrömmar then you notice their start & how different this is. A few words: In 1981, Noice went out on a sold out summer tour like a bunch of happy and excited children, when they came home they had lost all the properties and some of the members never recovered properly from the experience. The band became a product and the record company wanted to earn lots of money and strike while the iron was still hot. EMA Telstar promised to take care of the guys (some were not even of age) but it ended with the older rowers provided the boys with drugs and alcohol instead. The lyrics that the band wrote is a bit too pubertal when listening through their adult ears but that's probably what was meant well, they hardly wrote this songs for 30 Plussa! It sounds, however, still unbridled and raw their earliest works, and that's no doubt about who was the "dangerous" in comparison with Halmstads beads. Unfortunately, gave the course of life the inevitable result that it did. Noice broke up in 1982, but reunited for a short time in 1991 and performed a handful of concerts. Keyboardist Freddie Hansson died in late December 2001, some eight months later also died vocalist Hasse Carlsson. - So this album goes more into pop but has with the title track a brilliant KBD Punk Killer!! ready and this alone is worth the download.

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  1. Ha ha I use my made up word "Noice!" instead of 'Nice!" on some blog comments and look what the Wildevilman dragged in! A band by such a name. You rule man, thanks!