Thursday, 5 October 2017

RITA REM - Ut Ur Mörkret EP 1981

This is the one and only release from this brilliant Swedish punk/powerpop band from Västerås (north of Stockholm). If you search the www for this slab you'll find a lot offers with awful prices and I ask myself not any longer why are these sellers are extremely outrageous. Well, let them sit on it. Musically four great songs on it and they remind me a bit of swaying music, you know (at least the first song sounds so), the second is a one minute cracker to my taste. Side B starts with a touch of ska pulse accompanied with a nice piano solo and the ten minute warning closes with a classic KBD snot rag. So, this record is more than a dry wit. Originally released on Modernes Pop Records and in the same year re-released on AMD Records.

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