Monday, 23 October 2017


It has become infinitely colder and therefore we make an excursion to the Iberian Peninsula. During the first years of the 80's Interterror were still one of the most significant and interesting bands in Valencia's musical scene of that era. The band were formed in 1980 by Willy (vocals) and some other fans of British punk, although it wouldn't be until November 1981 that the band was completely constituted. The lineup then included Victor (drums), Paco (bass) and Miguel (guitar). Soon they became known by their pounding sound and funny lyrics, even though their musical parameters later on moved towards a faster and cleaner rock sound, denouncing war and social ills. In 1983 their first 7" came across by RS Editora and included "Adiós Lili Marleen" and "Felices Días En Auschwitz" in an edition of 1500 copies and became one of the most sought records. Lineup changes followed and in 1985 new material were recorded with their old bassist Paco and was moderately successful in punk terms. But they still didn't achieve the attention they hoped for, without generating the interest needed for a major to pick them up. The members became tired of the band and broke up soon thereafter. (Source: Federico) - Check out the compilation songs and enjoy the refreshing sunny day at the beach!


  1. muchas gracias, he estado buscando por siempre


  2. Awesome post-Thank you.The weather here isn't still cold (17-24º)Have a nice week:)

    1. you lucky :) Here now 9º, uuaarrgghhhh.....