Saturday, 21 October 2017

CONTAINER - Livet Stinker 7'' 1980

First post today is a Swedish powerpop gem! I never heard of this Swedish band before but I'm glad to get this from my contributor & friend in Sweden who sent all this awesome stuff to make this little blog much better, more attractive, more interesting and even more inviting all you music junkies. At this point my bow to you again Mr. "KBD" Fredrik. - Stockholm's Container released their one and only sign of life on Jäktskivan Records and here we have two nice powerpop pearls. The first tune is sung in Swedish while the flip is held in English. What should I type??? Not much, because a) these guys do their job excellent, b) I'm posting no shit, c) it's a fast download and d) who omits this 7'' has lost. - So four good reasons and I will no hear any moan, got it!

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

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