Monday, 2 October 2017

DIE RADIERER - Eisbären & Zitronen 1981

Die Radierer are a post-punk/new wave combo from Limburg/Lahn and their debut album was released by Hamburgs independant label ZickZack Records, their first tapes recorded in 1980 and they found in the stylistically already open german underground scene their own style of playing, to which they move between serious classical guitar punkrock and electronic music and they are truly fun musicians. Their debut EP Angriff auf's Schlaraffenland is a classic record and nowadays their famous one on earth. The band consisted of Christian B. Bodenstein (vocals), Jürgen Beuth (guitars), Peter Lack (drums), Walter Holthaus (bass) and Bernd Pulch (saxophones) and begun as Terry & The Rorists. Die Radierer, the small town boys played no backwoods proles punk, but oblique avant-garde music full-dadaist subversive humor. After three albums - in a negative change German music scene - the band took in the mid 80's a very long break and create a new infrastucture between Frankfurt and England. In the recent years some of their old material was partially re-released with, so far available, only on cassette recordings in small runs on CD. Saw them @ a gig here with Fehlfarben and they played them on the wall (ohne Scheiß) and they're still active.

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