Wednesday, 11 October 2017

3000 ¥ - Humanoid Ha Ha 1994

Hamburg's veteran 3000 ¥ released their only record via Vince Lombardy Highschool Records and what Hake (vocals + guitars), Tim (bass) and Thorsten (drums) here deliver is a fantastic energetic explosion of eleven grandiose songs. They play not the typical Hamburg aggressive punk sound which is immortalized in the 80s by numerous bands from the Hansestadt, 3000 Yen celebrate catchy driving harmonic Rock'N'Roll with exceptional lyrics. My favorites: Wassermann, Hydrokopf, Yeti and U-Boot Manöver (excellent covered by Turbostaat). Some time after the turn of the century they made another album as Bärbel, true to their style and that's it. Genug gelabert, zieht euch dieses gute Stück und haut rein!



  1. It's down. Re-upload please.

  2. Ahh??? Strange, this file is two days alive and again down - fuck!! - What's wrong??? - Try again!