Saturday, 30 September 2017

VIA OFENZIVA - s/t LP 1983

This Slovenian short-lived punk band were active in early 80s and founded by Esad (voacls), Zoran (guitars), Ivo (bass) and Robert (drums) and their first release was a split tape with Čao Pičke in 1983. Musically influenced by punk and post-punk and they unfortunately made not a fuckin' vinyl album although they have recorded extreme catchy numbers and Nika Records/Arhefon released in 2006 a compilation with twenty-two 80s nuggets plus a DVD with three live performances around the 80s. So here we have thirteen excellent goodies and I don't know where I got this but they run out of my speakers and run and run and run.... Great Slovenian punk. - Ahhh, Saturday, soccer.....

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