Saturday, 30 September 2017

DUM DUM BOYS - Let There Be Noise 1982

This morning, life is once again difficult and I feel empty and betrayed, you guessed right: Love... I will try to get somehow clear - We come rather to the West Auckland blue-collar punks The Dum Dum Boys and they copped their name from a Bowie song and their sound and attitude from The Stooges and first wave American punk. Founded 1980 by Anthony (guitar), Tony (vocals) and completed with Chris (bass) and Dean (drums). This album was released via Bondage Records and it was the first complete punk rock album by a New Zealand group and offers eleven catchy superbs, the right sound to forget your troubles and now exactly right for me. An unreleased second album Death or Glory was recorded, but with no shows and recognition sparse, the determined duo changed their name, but not their sound, becoming The Henchmen in late 1982. Found them on the rare Killed By Dentistry #1 compilation. Time for the first beer now.


  1. hallo ,music always the best of medications! thanx very much for this lp ,is so good,i knew the band from a nz comp ,but the album is one of the best i listened to lately,reminds me a bit The Kids ? thanx too for The Crowds ,i giv'em a go ,i love deutsch bands, schuss

    1. thx for your comment vonhell.
      I can only agree with that and you will like the Crowds, I hope you understand German, Prost!

  2. Oi! Do you have something from Dum Dum Boys or Reptiles At Dawn? Thanks!!!!!!