Thursday, 28 September 2017

V/A - Let It Out Vol.1+2 1981

Released by Adventure Records, I present you both compilations which are full with some punk/powerpop/rock tracks and we have twenty goodies together and Volume 2 is ripped by Fredrik while the first one I have loaded somewhere in Blogland. To the bands I can not say much because all of them unknown to me but I think they had more releases as well. In any case, both records are worth listen to and I like all goodies on it. Once more tasty Kötbullars from the heart of Sweden.

1.Room 21 - DATE-X
2.Sad But True - THE HELP
3.Whisky Whisky - DIRECTORS
4.Don't Stop Running - MODESTY BLAISE
5.Anorexia Nervosa - B-FILMS
7.Real Love - DIRECTORS
8.Crying Girl - DATE-X
9.Why Do You Exist? - B-FILMS
10.Believe It - THE HELP

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

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