Wednesday, 27 September 2017

MARGINAL MAN - Identity 1984

Soon the Champions League is on T.V. but before, I wanna bring you closer to this brilliant record. Identity is the first release by Marginal Man from Washington, via Dischord, and they were founded by three members, Steve (vocals), Pete (guitars) and Mike (drums), of the recently defunct Artificial Peace. Andre (bass) and Kenny (guitars) completed 1983 the band. Marginal Man was one of the first DC hardcore bands to feature a two-guitar attack, as the original hardcore band member set-up featured a single guitar player. The band played together for five years and recorded this 12'' and two albums. They play a decent mid-tempo sound with really good emotional lyrics. I think my first touch with the band came with the very good Going Nowhere Slow compilation on Double A Records and 'Friend' is a first class song, since then I like the guys. On this slab are nine catchy outstanding goodies, lyric sheet enclosed and now soccer. - ENJOY!!


  1. Thanks WDM!! I still only have my cassette copy that I haven't listened to since high school days but I love this album for sure! Always thought it was kind of darker like Channel 3 stuff.

    1. Channel 3 are more forward + aggressive, and horny as well, love them - enjoy the slab Via!

  2. Thank you very much for this gem, and enjoy the soccer, my friend

  3. Hi!This is amazing!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i left link here -