Friday, September 08, 2017

RÖVSVETT - Hunden Beskyddar Människan Men Vem Beskyddar Hunden 1984

Now a decent tape rip with the Demo from the Swedish Hardcore combo Rövsvett. Born on a hot summerday in 1983 in the little town Tranås in Småland. Frank and Jerker decided to ask Rylle and Löken if they wanted to form a brutal hardcoreband. The name felt natural since Motörhead, Ramones and Baccara already was taken. After many sweaty gigs with Rylle on guitar, Löken bass, Frank drums and Jerker on something that was supposed to resemble song, came their first democassette “Hunden Beskyddar...” in 1984. This CO² band is full with eleven ass-kickin' hardcore tracks and they sound much better than on their 7inches which can you get here. Rövsvett show that they were one of the best Swedish hardcore band ever and I like this sound a lot. A review from Septic Death singer Pushead: "Summoning Swedish insurgence that discharges a quick spasm of invasioning disorder and brawling vigor. Jerker's throat vibrates in growling wails as he wrings out a forceful vocal assault. Compelling guitar structures keep the action alive with hammering drum exertions, as these reels spin off alerting mayhem in that Swedish acceleration tradition. Good stuff to watch for. (Maximum Rocknroll #16, August 1984) - So enjoy this awesome Hardcore lollies and have a nice start into the weekend. 

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Greetings From Wisconsin USA. AWESOME blog! I was in the punk/underground scene here from 1977 thru 1984. Thanks for sharing such great records. I would never have been exposed to them otherwise.

    Warmest regards,


    1. Hi Rhino, thanks for your praise and I hope you discover something new and if you have cool stuff where you think that's fit for the blog, don't hesitate and give me hint :)