Thursday, 7 September 2017

KARANTEENI - Anna Palaa, Frank!! 2001

Let's move to the cold north of Europe and meet Karanteeni from Tampere. The band was founded 1978 by Konttinen brothers Hate (vocals) and Rina (guitar). The band went through several lineup changes: a total of eighteen people have been members of the group. They released four great 7Inches and one full length album, all via Poko Records. Guaranteed 1-2-3-4 fresh melodic short songs that boost my body fluid and promotes my libido... Karanteeni split up in 1984 but still performs occasionally and since 2014 they are back again. On this little charming compilation are all their early stuff to listen and after just two songs the arctic cold disappears out of your ass.

- Great Thx to Marcus -

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