Saturday, 5 August 2017

MANIACS - Chainsaw Blues 7'' 1987

More aggressive & raw punk sound with this German combo: The Maniacs were a hardcore punk band that formed in the summer of 1982 in the Hessian town of Rotenburg an der Fulda from some local bands (Blutverlust and Bunker) and they from the beginning at home in the English hardcore punk style. In their lyrics, the band took on classical political punk themes and sang against nazis and mainstream society.... Their first demo tape from 1982 called "Attack" and their second "German Tanks", both are true gems. Then in June 1984 their first vinyl release came out on Mülleimer Records, a split album with the Gottingen punks Tin Can Army. In May 1986 the second album The White Rose Of Resistance appeared and it's today a rare album with tons of hits. Singles and sampler contributions followed, a lot of gigs in Europe were made and after a short tour in France the single Chainsaw Blues emerged, which was published in May 1987 on the French independent label Terminal Records. A live album followed and in 1990 their last record 'Thrown To The Dogs' was released via the Kassler label Black Fantasy Records. So pay tribute to this unforgotten powerful Hardcore/Punk band which often accompanied me in my early punk days.

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