Sunday, 6 August 2017

DIE ALLIIERTEN - Ruhm & Ehre 1982

I think, this is one of the first Oi! records which was released in Germany and Rock-O-Rama had a good hand here, RRR 15 is a nice slab by Die Alliierten from Wuppertal with fourteen cool classics and at this time perhaps a small wake-up call to the scene, I came to punkrock only four years later and therefore I don't know much about the relations between Skinheads and PunxWhat I know for sure, the music of the Alliierten is quite clear Punkrock and Skinheads are not fascists! I'm always wondering about the boneheads who call themselves Skins and carry perrys and try to be smart but this is a lie and has nothing to do with it. Well, the media also contribute a lot of shit and they must know it. Anyway...fact is, Ruhm & Ehre is a very good record and a not unimportant one.

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