Monday, 21 August 2017

DER DURSTIGE MANN - Himmel & Hölle 1987

Majestic amateurish punk rock from Frankfurt Der Durstige Mann, everyone knows, everyone loves them. Who does not know a single tone becomes yet 100% a fan. ''Himmel & Hölle'' is by far the oddest album they have produced. It includes a Beatles cover 'Little Child' and has many beautiful short songs and the sound quality had prosaicness charakter. Side 2 consists almost entirely longer pieces. For "Monotons Traum" Mark was recorded thirteen minutes at snoring and the result was backed by wild tone-impressions... ("We needed something to make up for the full plate!") Well, is this avantgarde? The record is pressed in flashy colored vinyl. All together, the publications of Eric († 20.01.2016) and syndicate members are great fun an amount.

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