Monday, 21 August 2017

CITY-X - s/t LP 1985

Well, if you a little bit familiar with danish punk then you should know City-X, listen to the Bloodstains Across Denmark and the 2004 Elektriske Svin compilations. After three decent 7Inches Irmgardz Records released in 1985 the bands only full length and they are with this nine songs far far away from their punk roots. I honestly can't understand why and the change brought nothing special out. I would not even call it New Wave, sounds more like lame pop shit. A real disappointment in my opinion, why then post you will ask? Sometimes such music is okay and it's a rare record and maybe a few like this but I must say, it ripples like a dripping faucet. Anyway, City-X were a very good punk band and when we talk of early danish punk they are an important part of it. Tune 4 and 7 prove this a little and plus points for the pretty artwork.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Thanks to you and Fredrik, and all the best for both

  2. Description is spot On! Bought this yeeeeears ago, sold it very quick. Always wanted to hear it again and remember how bad it was. Thanks!