Thursday, 27 July 2017

GLO - Ljusåret Kommer 1980

The Swedish Punk scene is simply fuckin' great and I'm glad to post another album that proves it colossally again because it has it all. Most of you might known them from their both 7inches 'Discojäckel' and 'Nerv' which later appeared on the Killed By Death #77 compilation. GLO (acronym Gothenburg Ligist Organization) were a Swedish punk band from Åsa, five miles south of Gothenburg and their were one of the first punk/kbd acts from Gothenburg together with Bruset and Göteborg Sound. Original members were Mikael (vox & drums), Patrik (guitars), Peter (bass), Gerry (drums) and Peter Davidsson (guitars & keyboards) and they were friends since kindergarten and the band start in 1978. After two EP's they released on Ljudspåret Records their only full length and the record is very diverse. Most '77 smashers but there is more, a few rock cuts and the absolut highlight is a cover version of The Who's 'My Generation', recorded in a special reggae mix, awesome!! A true gem from these youngsters.

- Extra Thx again to Fredrik -

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  1. Thank you very much for this gem as you say.Nice end of month for you and Fredrik