Saturday, 1 July 2017

EINLEBEN - Rauchzart 1999

Another band that I like very much and have I seen at many places in Germany and always enjoy is Einleben. A five nice sympathetic combo founded around 1994 and unfortunately dissolved in 2003. This is their second album with ten beautiful, melancholy punkrock numbers, often two-part singing with much power and strong melodies. The songs have the necessary attention to detail and are very mature. Einleben carry a lot of feelings, melancholy, variety and strength in a cold world, atmospheric songs with depth. The charm of the album unfolds it only really after repeated listens, what the long-term pleasure vastly maximizes. Has the first album Bunt a rougher punkier sound so is Rauchzart cleaner in the production, a bit different you know but that doesn't interfere, the platte invites you in the next starless summer nights. Comparisons to other great bands I spare you at this point, the band toured a lot with EA80 and I was lucky to catch a couple. Some members play since 2003 in Hi Tereska. And now feel the november summer sound!

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