Thursday, 15 June 2017

SENSUURI - Hulinaa 1979

Sensuuri was founded 1978 by young and prospective musicians Pepe (voice) and Costello (guitars), completed with Jaska (bass) and Pasi (drums). In fall 1978 Epe Helenius happended to see them play live in Safety Pins Club, and he immediately offered them a chance to record a single for Poko Rekords. A year later their first 7Inch 'Kirjoitan Seinään' was released and was surprisingly very well received and of course, an album had to be followed which was finally implemented shortly afterwards. The band started practising new material and Hulinaa was released in summer 1979. It followed a couple of 7Inchers and songs on various compilations (Hilse) and in 1980 after recording a song for the 'Hellää Terroria Korville' EP, in the intention to promote a fortcoming second album Jaska and Pepe left the band and Sensuuri was buried. A CD with all their studio works comes 1996 via Kråklund Records out. Now enjoy twelve nuggets early Finnish punkrock.

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