Wednesday, 14 June 2017

INCONTROLLADOS - Hvem Vil Det Gavne? EP 2001

The now defunct Incontrollados started out as a two-piece from Svendborg in 1999. After playing a few shows Lasse was recruited to sing and soon after recording the first demo-tape and releasing a couple of songs on the SPAND BZ compilation, Johan O.D. followed to complete the line-up. In 2001 the 2nd demo-tape was recorded and the band made a deal for a 7" with Kick'n' Punch Records. After returning, the band continued gigging, rehearsing and writing some of their best songs. But people were breaking their backs on the band and everything collapsed during a show in Odense where the bandmembers got in a fight between eachother on stage. The band left stage and broke up right after. This EP contains eight short leckmichamarschgoodies and gotta kick your ass.

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