Friday, 30 June 2017

MKK - Was Ist Denn Los Mit Mir 1982

MKK (Middle Catastrophe Combo) is a band which was founded in Berlin by seasoned studio musicians and singer Thomas' Crümel "Pliveritz who died much too young. This is their only album and was released by Toledo Records. Musically they play pretty pop music with lots of keyboards and very melodic harmonies. Awesome the title track 'What's Wrong With Me' and the ballad 'Every Way, Every Street'. Lyrically the band spread socially critical texts that differ from the usual NDW bands. That's reason for me to call MKK not a Neue Deutsche Welle band, just more punk and Thomas's rough vocals gave all the ten songs additional hardness and make this album never boring. If you like all the early PowerPop stuff then lend your ears to the MKK sound. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Many many thanks for this Unknown German New Wave band:have a nice weekend ,friend of mine:)