Wednesday, 28 June 2017

DE CLASS - En Bomb EP 1983

Stockholm, Sweden's capital city and a mecca for many great punk bands of the early days. De Class confirms this once more with their only release on Slant von Pluring Records. All four tracks are great and they play a cool '77 punk sound mixed with a little dose of powerpop and delicate keyboards. This rare EP is a class of its own and let your ears bleed. About the band there is not much to say, short-lived and collectors pay a lot of money for their EP, unfortunately not to them, so today all four members housed in decent jobs and thus feed their many children and buy cosmetics for women. Playin' the lottery helps not and so life goes on. The weather today is sunny and I have no beer or other stuff. So that's why I need music to get back in good mood. Maybe I rip one or two LP's or watchin' soccer, mal sehen. So let's start download this little piece of history.

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