Sunday, May 21, 2017

V/A - Bloodstains Across Belgium #2 1998

A long day with lots of music is coming to an end and I will finish with sixteen essential punkrock blasts from Belgium, Number 2 Bloodstains from this small country and before I talk more blah blah blah shit only the hint to Volume 1 and I guess your visit in my little world today was worth it. I'm pretty much through and will chill out the rest Sunday. It's a real pleasure listen to my vinyl nuggets and I must confess, since the mp3 age I make that much too rare, stupid or...? I will change this and you should do so.

1.Kill Your Son - RAXOLA
2.What Goes On - CHAINSAW
3.Do You Wanna Know - THE KIDS
4.Working Man - STAGEBEAST
5.Third World Image - UNDERDOGS
6.Belgique - SPERMICIDE
7.Violence - CONTIGENT
8.My Father Is A Fascist - STRESS
9.Jet Boy, Jet Girl - ELTON MOTELLO
10.Wildcat - RAXOLA
11.Rape Her - PINCHERS
13.Z'Heroes Guts - CHAINSAW
14.Re-Pulsion - CELL 609
15.Nuit Blanche - CONTIGENT
16.Kontrole - DE BRASSERS


  1. Hi,
    "Only the black cats can dance on the dark side of the moon". Mine is dead, I Feel so lonely as i decided in spite of a long absence to come back on the net.
    My New Blog: "Old, Weak but Always a Wanker"
    Thx for your Great Blog

    1. It's good that you are back mythkoz, your Blog was fantastic and what's happen? A lot of virus always come when I visit your site, fuck them... anyway. The main thing is, you're back on board :))

    2. Good Lord , I am so happy . Control D promptly !!
      Your comps are now classics
      Take care of you.

  2. Hate to beg, but these documents are too essential to be forsaken. Any chance of a re-up for Belgium 2 & 3 plus Northern Ireland '98 and UK#3? ...I'm often late to the party.