Tuesday, 23 May 2017

ROINE'S KVARTETT - Dansparty 1 EP 1984

From Gothenburg came this four piece and founding members are Roine Lundström (guitar), Mikael Drottz (vox. & keys), Mikael Ahlquist (vox. & bass) and Mikael Gustavsson (drums). Their only record was released on Rue Roine's Records and they went to Stockholm for the recordings. A few copies were sold and they did a couple of gigs before splitting up in 1986. All three songs are good, especially the keyboard give the songs an unusual twist and is not annoying, Yeah!, I like their '77 powerpop/punk sound and I think you as well. Apart from that, no further information. Probably today, all four are millionaires and the sun shines on their stomach somewhere in the Caribbean, they have earned it :>


  1. ha ha ...what a post...brilliant ,my friend.Hve a nice week...and thsnk you, of course

  2. Thanks!
    Swedish stuff always kicks ass.
    Any chance for Kommisarie Roy S/T LP?

    1. indeed. good idea Kuken, post it soon