Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MARIONETZ - Jetzt Knallt's! 1981

The Marionetz was a german punk band (first as "The Marionettes"), founded 1978 in Munich and this city had at this time a pretty cool punk scene with lots of essential bands, ZSD, Condom, Pack or FKK Strandwixer to name a few. This album was recorded and mixed at the Metro Studio in Munich, April-May 1981 and published by No Fun Records. Goody sound paired with funny lyrics and always worth hearing. As appetizer you can download two songs from the essential Soundtracks Zum Untergang 2 compilation on AGR. One and a half years later (December 1982) came to the following sounds review: "Looking at the scene you can't get away from the Marionetz, even though they are not longer be called punks and classify their music as uncompromising Power-Pop". - Their No-Fun-LP is selling well in hardcore circles and their performances are acclaimed by Undergroundzines writers. Marionetz appeared, fuckin' hell, on radio & television, shows that the group is medium. Their football anthem "Heya-Heya T.S.V." was even played in the Olympic Stadium Munich.

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  1. When thinking of my fave German punk bands I normally forget the Marionettz for some reason, but when I saw your post I remember that this band used to have great melodies. I found this LP some years ago in the web but two tracks were missing. So it's time for an update!

    Danke schön! Grüsse,

    Fernando :)