Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Now a request and this is the one & only album by Kommissarie Roy, a cool Swedish rock'n'roll combo from Klippan (a kaff in the Swedish province of Skåne) released on Svenska Pop Fabriken. "Here's just rock", says Thomas, guitarist, singer & songwriter. Kommissarie Roy is rock'n'roll. A young group (no one older than twenty) with a swinging, maffig sound and serious everyday lyrics. "That will be the case. You are honestly writing. You write what you think and if you're not a simple idiot the words will come out easy. On the debut record the band is a quartet but has been expanded with singer Kristian from canceled Noise. - I'm singing on the LP and I never thought I was a good singer and so we always have liked Kristian", says Thomas. Pop Fabriken shows interest, always looking for solid Rock'n'Roll bands, and finally took them under contract. They went into a studio and recorded this decent slab with lots of fun. Inspektor Roy has to go to Stockholm and play if they want to reach a big audience. Staying in the province was not enough but the feedback was not as desired so the band terminates. In 1991 followed a small life sign in form of a 7Inch called 1981-1991 on Skivfabriken and then the band was carried to the grave. On three compilations represent, including the famous double LP's Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3+4 from 2015 on Massproduktion. Ready for thirteen hot smarties in just thirty-three minutes?..... for sure!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -