Wednesday, 3 May 2017

DISTRUST - A Dream Of Peace EP 2008

One more on this rainy Wednesday and nothing info can be found about this swedish Hardcore band, but who cares anyway. There's a bit info on the back cover and I use my swedish and it seems this is an unofficial release. So a few words I have: This reissue is the full 7-track cassette by this Swedish D-beat hardcore band, originally out in 1983. Rip-It-Up rawness galore, this band featured members who later played with ASOCIAL and SVART PARAD. All in all the seven songs are fast, dirty and loud and very beautiful are the melodies which has every fuckin' song to offer. I mean, the boys bludgeoned not so brutally on their instruments, No! - they play excellent hardcore punk and sung in their native Swedish language and as a small bonus is a live cut which was recorded in 2006 with it. A respectable pointer! - TIP!

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