Thursday, 4 May 2017

DIE WESTDEUTSCHEN CHRISTEN - Laß Mich Nicht Allein 12'' 1980

A fairly unknown band traveled through the eighties were Die Westdeutschen Christen from Berlin. The band's name is a bit funny and I would be interested as the guys came to it and christian rock came somehow later, poser noises... rather, very good NDW sound in the vein of Grauzone or ExKurs, thus quite similar to New Wave and catchy and simple without being superficial. All the four songs on the record are nice and danceable. They released their full length s/t album in 1982. So this sound of this 12'' is absolute characteristic for the early 80's in Germany and was released via Epilepdisc. All in all, no failures, a fine record and anyone who likes minimalistic sounds is right here anyway.


  1. Hello Michael
    I love this sound so german early 80's
    Thank you

  2. Thank you very much for this Minimalistic vinyl as you said .Good evening. :)