Friday, 28 April 2017

V/A - Bust! (A Compilation Of Early Worldwide Punkrock) 10'' 1998

Good evening folks, to be honest: I'm slowly losing the desire to keep my blog alive and I don't know why, maybe I need a break. Wie auch immer... Fuck it! This post is a request and it's one more unofficial release with excellent rare punk goodies and a few original records are post before. Don't know exactly where I bought this slab but who cares, fact is this little 10'' is a good one and a small offshoot in an other design of numerous compilations that someone published because the music's great, honor to the detectives which donate this twelve nuggets.

1.Anti Vogue - SAIGON
2.Success - ANTI-BAND
3.This Is My Life - THE HOAX
4.Sinnlos - SPERMA
5.Deranged Demented And Free - PVC2
6.Hooked On A Trend - STEVE TREATMENT
7.Stamp Out Mutants - TREATMENT
8.Schtop - THE MONO
9.Katupoikien Laulu - PROBLEMS?
10.Wardrobes In Hell/You're A Weapon - V;
11.The Golden Rocket - THE CREWSY FIXERS
12.Punks - 57 KEZ


  1. Hello Michael
    Take a break , watch bundesliga have a couple of brew
    and come back in a few days
    Take care of you

    1. sounds gut, mercí François, have a sunny weekend

    2. As for closing your blog ... Do Not Do That please! Even if music presented here is not up to my taste or liking I always waiting to read something about bands or albums I never heard of (much better than just download link). But posting every day or two leads to overload so post something once a week rather - we will wait. Or take a break and come back later. Cheers. Tom

    3. dont worry, wdthtc stay alive!

  2. Thank you my friend: have a nice weekend, and I agree with Tom: I think that when you do something "as duty" you will probably tired of that afer long time, so you should have a break til' you break back yourself . Cheers!

  3. Finally... Thank you for this compilation! Great post, great blog, great taste.
    I've another request for you. I'm looking for "Punk Rock From Holland", so subtitled "A Compilation Of Original Early Dutch Punk" compilation LP. It's originally released in 1996 or '98 and includes FILTH, NEO PUNKZ, SPEEDTWINS, THE NIXE, THE METS, SUSPENSE, MIRANDAS, PANIC, FLYIN' SPIDERZ, IVY GREEN, BROMMERS, SQUATS, KRIPOS, NITWITS, RAILBIRD, BVD and THE RAPERS.
    As Bust!, I've never seen this compilation on web. So, if you have it, don't hesitate...
    Thank you again.

    1. Don't tear my arms out ;) - Have this record too and post it asap - Cheers!!