Wednesday, 26 April 2017

FOXY - Por Vida, Stay Foxy! 2001

So, the second semi-final of the DFB Cup will start shortly and yesterday my favourite team Eintracht managed to make it into the final and let's see who is on 27.05.17 in Berlin with us. But first another highlight which I have already posted on DU and I think it's worth to present this stuff again. This is the debut album by Foxy from Orange County, which includes thirteen songs that were produced by John Maurer (Social Distortion) and recorded 2001 at EMG Studios, North Hollywood/California. Beautiful melodies, inspired by the Ramones and Clash, and all songs are really rockin' and rollin' and they live entirely clear of the rough, but never screamin' voice of hot Lisa, uuhhhhhh..... - You can read a detailed review of the record on OC Weekly, and I leave you for today because I have to pay my bills and soccer rolls in. So suck down this brilliant album and enjoy!


  1. Enjoy your footballmatch today my friend and nice weekend (thanks for this one too, of course) ;)

  2. sweet memories. catched them 2x live about 17 year ago, first time was a blast, in a little club, bought their CD EP there and had a great evening. second time was bout a year or so later, bigger venue and the opened for THE LORDS (of the new church, without dead stiv bators). wasn't that good at all.
    thanks for this one anyway