Monday, 13 March 2017

V/A - Back To Front Vol.5 1994

Well, I still have one tonight and its the fifth volume of the classic Back To Front compilation on Incognito Records with rare and obscure punkrock worldwide and the vinyl version is again limited to 1000 copies. Was in principle already in sleep mode but it came surprisingly visit from a very good friend of mine and you know what that means. Fuck Off tomorrow, no matter that I have to sit at 6:00 on my bike so I shit fat on it, you only live once and the night I will enjoy. The whole ass-kisser doesn't live and I hope your none of those... The Gin tastes good, the music makes me breathe and the full moon salutes! Let's punk my friends :) 

1.Re-Pulsion - CELL 609
2.Your Old Man - CYANIDE
3.I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher - NOTSENSIBLES
4.Twisted Road - FLESHEATERS
5.Moderne Musik - HERMANN'S ORGIE
6.Combat Love - SHRAPNEL
7.Sunset Strip - THE NUMBERS
8.Rites 4 Whites - CORPSE GRINDERS
9.Terrorist - NEGATIV
10.Learn To Hate In The 80's - BOBBY SOXX
11.Ensaminatt - LÄDERNUNNAN
13.Painting By Numbers - GIFTED CHILDREN
14.Lab Animal - POWERTRIP
15.Sex - FILTH
16.The Young Ones - SECRET
17.Du Gör Dom Du Vill - GLO
18.Oadarn Aufschneiden - DIE BÖSLINGE


  1. Both this and the subsequent "Break The Rules" series/volumes were great. I only ever managed to pick up 4/8 though. The "Every One A Classic!!!" volumes also had some key gems and was lucky enough to get 3/6 of those. As much as I loved them on the way to finding originals of some and ease of use (CD copies) as a one time radio show host it always irked me that more compilations weren't "complete" like the "Cheap & Nasty" LP you've posted here in the past or "Killed By Death #77"... Prolly would have saved me from tracking down so many records just to hear a (more often than not weaker) A/B-side :) Cheers, M.

    1. I have heard of the Every One A Classic but never got a rip or similar. I am always interested in such compis, discover a lot of new things and it is important to publish more such records... Cheerio!