Tuesday, 14 March 2017

TUNNELANGST - 180 BPM [Tape] 1997

Here's a fine tape from Herborn's Tunnelangst (which means "Fear Of Tunnels") and I remember them very well because the manager is a good friend of mine and singer Heini is a real charmin' man, this also applies to the whole band. I organized a gig together with Serene Fall in September 1998 and this evening's still remembered to this day. Sorry for delete the live recordings, always annoys me when I think back. Tunnelangst play punk in the classic british style of the early 80's, leather jackets, lots of alcohol, iros, and songs against all the wrongs of the world. Oh yeah, their scary looking singer (Heini had a iro as big as the fair tower) is also the model for the "Knuddelpunk 2" picture record. They were present on both "Sieger Sehen Anders Aus" compilations and in 1997 they released their full length CD on United Kids Records called "Gepflegte Szene" with fifteen heart attacks. Shortly after the band broke up due to musical differences, a few members founded the Rotten Bastards (Hardcore pur!) to put their musical outpourings into your bloody ears. This tape here contains both demos which they recorded 1996 or 1997 and has eight offensive punk trashers in German/English. Haut Rein!

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