Friday, 24 March 2017

NISSES NÖTTER - Hammerhill Holocaust '83-'85

I'm ready for KARIES and FRONT in Wiesbaden and I'm in a hurry so a quick post and a yummy Hardcore Attack. This band had no official release and I wonder why because they're damn good. Nisses Nötter was a punkband from the suburb Hammarkullen in Gothenburg. Hansi Baumgartner (guitar), Nico Bergling (vocals), Tommie Liekola (bass) and Hans Wilholm (drums) started to play together in 1983. They made a cassette for Äggtapes called "Knäckta Nötter" in 1984. They made lots of gigs in Gothenburg and became famous mostly for their young age =11-12 year old punkrockers! And their gang: HK-Punks. Paul Vahala replaced Tommie as bass player in 1985. A few gigs were made and then the band went seperate ways. Nisses Nötter became The Nuts in 1986. In 2006 Nisses Nötter were regenerated, new songs were made and the band is out for gigs. Maybe their first record will come out, who knows. In 2008 the American label Farmhouse records released this superb compilation with all their recordings, some live stuff. A brilliant documentation plus a great artwork with lots of pictures, all lyrics and a short biography. "Punx not dead, we're only a bit older." All is said, haut rein boys!


  1. Enjoy the concert and happy weekend:)

    1. Yeah, was a fantastic evening.... happy weekend :)