Thursday, 23 March 2017

LEATHERFACE & JAWBOX - Your Choice Live Series 1994

The "Your Choice Live Series", every gourmet knows about these great live recordings and all releases are recorded in a high brilliant quality. Since 1988 this serie is alive and a lot of cool records were released. On this piece of orange vinyl we have two bands I would not use more words to describe them, Leatherface are known to everyone and I think Jawbox as well. Nothin' more to say, except I like the A-side more because Sunderland's punkrocker are one of my favourites and all albums are milestones. Marylands Jawbox isn't bad but the music's not mine. This record was released with two inserts, a further point for the label. And now: enjoy the record and this sweeping live sound.

Eagle/Not Superstitious/Speak In Tounges/Books/Pale Moonlight/Hops & Barley/I Can't Help Falling In Love/FF=66/Green Glass/Tongues/Chinese Fork Tie/Chicago Piano/Motorist

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