Thursday, 9 March 2017

DIE PILSKÖPFE - Tausend Tolle Tage EP 1989

Today is a special day and my true follower know what I mean. So this Thursday starts with lots of rain and then at 10:00 a dentist appointment, I did it fast, had still something to do but this must wait and I'm back home and rip one more record and I am in my heart with my pearl. So this record is the only one by the Pilsköpfe, funny name but it's no funpunk, released via Intelrecords and two cuts were used for the great 1990 compilation Neues Deutschland and the title song is a beautiful love song which is about a lost relationship, describes the situation in which one is stuck and lettin' go is always hard but important. The other ones are no less bad, a solid record.


  1. I guess what you're concerning to...(that sad day in your life...)well, Let's go to enjoy (as it as possible)next weekend.Enjoy it, my friend and thank you for all new posts.

    1. Yeah, it's a sad sad story but I'm through. But this day is always a happy and sad one.... enjoy the sun mate!