Sunday, 12 February 2017

UNNATURAL AXE - Is Gonna Kick Your Ass [1978-1988]

Awesome punk band from Boston and I quote you a review from an expert of the Boston punk scene: "It is 1977. A scruffy neighborhood of Boston sprouts a band of naive working-class kids who think they can shake up the world with their personal take on the punk rock experience. Not content, or possibly even competent enough, to be another Jam clone or a Clash clone, Unnatural Axe bash out their own brand of two-chord and three-chord rock, and crank it up extra high. Throughout 1978 and 1979 the Axe were playing regularly in New York, and at Cantone's, the Rat, and the Space in Boston as the opening act for the "big" UK and US new wave acts of the time. Their strangest billing must have been opening for The Police at the Rat in Kenmore Square. It is truly unfortunate that Sting squandered this "turning point" opportunity to learn the essentials of punk rock from Boston's finest. Sting's only question of the Axe vocalist: "Did you poop?" But such is the fate for the greatest moments of brilliance of our times: few people recognize it. The big club owners didn't see it and the major record labels didn't hear it. After two short years, the Axe packed it in. As a result, the Unnatural Axe discography is small, but what recordings do exist provide the documented proof that the Axe were, and shall always remain, the most important punk band Boston will ever call its own." (Monsieur Michel Bastarache)Enough words, time for music so let's go boys!


  1. Thanks a lot for this compilation,have a nice week my friend;)

  2. hallo ,i don't have youtube until end april to check if "they saved hitlers brain "is their song or a angry samoan cover,can you tell me please thanx!

    1. it's original from UA, look here: Angry Samoans call it 'They Save Hitler's Cock' but it's a cover, maybe with new lyrics. Cheers!