Sunday, 12 February 2017

ATTIC - Yes I Want To 7'' 1979 + All Plans Exist EP 1980

And one more from the Wanted-List and I put both records in. Attic are a Portsmouth-based quintet founded in 1978 by Robert Bartlett (vocals), Pete Coote (guitar), Mark Bushell (drums), Steve Austin (bass) and Simon Green (guitar), Attic made their recording debut on June 15, 1979, with the Yes I Want To 7'' in 1979 released on Brain Booster Records, an independent label created by the band with another local combo, The Frames. Attic contributed two tracks on the local compilation South Specific and issued a tape-only album called Panda Music (all on Brain Booster Records), before splitting in 1981. Very nice new wave goodies in this file and you will appreciate them.

- Special Thx to Bristolboy -

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