Saturday, 18 February 2017

SYSTEM! - s/t LP 1982

A short-lived band from Berlin were System! and they existed from 1979-1982 and have only one record released on People's Records in 1982. Various compilations contributions, worth mentioning the Licht & Schatten album with two pieces were their first offer in the punk world. Here, we get nine pieces of solid punk rock, musically & lyrically in the major league, melodic and aggressive as I like it. In my opinion quite underrated band at this time and I think they deserve more attention. Why don't Karl Walterbach from AGR ask them to made more with the band remains a mystery. No matter, nowadays a classic and highly sought-plate that is be traded on any record fair to high prices.


  1. Excellent! Großartig! Very rare indeed! Danke schön WDL!!!

    I became intrigued by this band thanks to the Berlin Punk comp (Wenn kaputt...) that Weird System released the last decade. In that comp there's a song from an unreleased 1981 EP by this System!, if memory serves...


    Fernando :)

    1. Yeah, I have the unreleased record as mp3. Great Stuff :))

    2. And... have you ever thought of sharing it? ;)


      F :)