Saturday, 31 December 2016

TURBOSTAAT - @ AJZ Bielefeld 20.03.2015

Turbostaat is one of my favourite German combo and their gigs are always emotional and never shit. Together with the Mönchengladbachers I visit every concert that is near Frankfurt and I like their records but what I find pity they didn't play old songs, only as encore. Well, two years ago they gave a two-day gig and played all the songs of their five records which was fantastic, I've never experienced this before and that makes Turbostaat unique and that's why I love them. The ones who saw the band live know what I'm talking about and maybe they go for a world tour.... these recordings have an amazingly good sound quality, I had dragged this from youtube and cut this in painstaking workin' apart and pushed the sound a bit higher, as you are accustomed to by me! Pics you can see on Honeymilk. So, hope you like this eighty minutes act plus the artwork and maybe I have one last for today, Cheers!

M - Eine Stadt Sucht Ihren Mörder/Haubentaucherwelpen/Tut Es Doch Weh/Ja, Roducheln!!!/Phobos Grunt/Strandgut/Insel/Fraukes Ende/Pennen Bei Gluffke/Pestperle/Das Island Manøver/Ufos Im Moor/Sohnemann Heinz/Alles Bleibt Konfus/Harm Rochel/18.09 Uhr. Mist, Verlaufen/Schwan/Drei Ecken-Ein Elvers/Surt & Tyrann/Vormann Leisee/Psychoreal/Nach Fest Kommt Ab

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