Thursday, 29 December 2016

TREDJE KÖNET - Fågeln 12'' 1987

A cool decent follow-up to their excellent debut Fyra Hits EP from 1986. Pressed again on Rosa Honung Records shines this platter with an excellent production and seven punkrock goodies. Clearly heard that the four men were very hardworking and I find their music has become richer and more mature (compare the songs with the .EP compilation from 1985). Really nice interplay! This twenty minute rocket is very interesting as well. From the beginning to the end a decent tempo, perfect harmony guitars, powerful drums sound as I like it, fat bass and a loud voice. Particularly noteworthy is the successful ballad 'Tankar' which stimulates my ears again. Overall Fågeln makes for a good listen and has a permanent place in my player conquered.

- Special Thx goes again to Fredrik -

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  1. Many thanks to you and fredrik: have both a great last days of this year!