Thursday, 8 December 2016

DA! - Dark Rooms 7'' 1981

This record was a long time on the Wanted-List and was posted in my former wildly loved wilddevilrules blog and since I currently convert some singles I stay with the DA! record. DA! were a Chicago-based post-punk band of the early 1980s and exist 1978-1982, they released two 7Inches on Autumn Records, formed by 17-year-old singer/bassist Lorna Donley in 1977, along with guitarist/keyboardist Evelyn Marquis and drummer Dawn Fisher. This lineup performed only once, and guitarist Gaylene Goudreau (who had previously played with all-girl punk band Lois Layne) was added in late 1979. Their music is a bit gloomy, but at a decent pace, and the female voice fits pretty good. Last one today, I'm tired of drinkin' much beer, join me tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! I had one vinyl of this band long years ago (unfortunately I missed it in a moving out (or whatdoyousayit, sorry...)So this record is so much aprreciated for me.I wish you a happy weekend and take care of your heart (haha) See you overhere, my friend;)

  2. Good call, I assume you've seen "You Weren't There (Chicago Punk"? Here's a link for their 12" and 2 live comp tracks.. Cheers, M.

    1. In keeping with the Chicago scene you don't happen to have The Effigies "We're Da Machine" EP? Or the 1989 CD anthology "Remains Nonviewable"? If you haven't heard the Strike Under 12" you should check it out, along with DA! those are my fave 'windy city' punks :)
      Cheers, Mark (been a few years, i sent you the Ribs 7" and maybe Innocent Vicars from your wants. Sorry for the Anon, but I hate the sign-in/out).

    2. It's a long time ago I think and The Ribs record is posted here, The Effgies record I have, you want it?

    3. I'd appreciate it if you post the Effigies if/when you feel like it.

      The Ribs is posted here from my rip done in analog back in 2003/4 I think :) I was glad to have something that was on your wants because I've got quite a few UK rarities on my own list.

      Since you haven't updated the wants in a while is there something (primarily UK/Australia 77-84) you're looking to hear?