Friday, 9 December 2016

BADBOLL - Badboll Lever! EP 1981

Was the first release, Valen EP a killer gritty guitar sound one, leave Stockholm's Badboll with their second & final release, unfortunately, the tempo, the rudeness and the dirty sound behind them and have recorded here four poppy punk songs, and why?, that's a good questions. Maybe they wanted to be heard on the radio or there were too many bands who played '77 punk style (and there were a lots of them in the early days in Sweden) or for other reasons. It probably remains their secret. Well anyway, the songs are not bad here, a clean production (using keys), melodic & happy songs and they exude a "the world is beautiful & good" feeling and I like this pretty cool cover, some people today want over € 100,- for this piece of vinyl, incredible. A solid catchy powerpop record and a rare one and absolutly right on this place. I put the first 7Inch within.

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